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Original Forecastfox Weather add-on for Mozilla Firefox is abandoned October 6, 2012:

Does it mean its death? Of course not! It has been reborn! I brought it back to life!
Now it is called Forecastfox (fix version) and works with all Firefox and Chrome versions.

download for Mozilla Firefox

download for Google Chrome
Downloaded over 20 million times!

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Forecastfox Weather is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that adds weather icons to your browser's toolbar, letting you easily track the weather anywhere in the world. Mousing over the weather icons reveals detailed weather information for each forecasted day in an easily readable format. Forecastfox Weather aims to be unobtrusive and easy to use.

US and International Weather

Get current conditions, forecasts, radar/satellite and millions of locations in the US and around the world.

Severe Weather Alerts

Receive severe weather alerts for locations within the United States.

Save Locations and Preferences

Save your recent locations to easily track weather across multiple locations. Forecastfox is very customizable and can fit a variety of needs.®

Click any icon to go to for detailed current conditions, hourly forecasts, the extended outlook and more.

Forecastfox is Free Software: please, if you like it, you can support its progress through PayPal.