22 Сентября 2020
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"Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, но многие не знают и этого". Сократ [?].

Firefox: Менеджер загрузок (S3)

Менеджер загрузок (S3) - это дополнение к браузеру Firefox , которое поможет вам контролировать свои Загрузки
Это новая жизнь для старого известного дополнения Download Statusbar , которое, в связи с критическими изменениями в Firefox 26+, перестало работать

This is truly an excellent add-on for Firefox (or in my case, for Waterfox), many thanks for developing and maintaining it.

When I first started using the add-on and double-clicked on a button in the Downloads Bar then the downloaded file would open directly (such as a PDF document opening directly in the Windows app that I use for reading and editing PDF documents).

But then, for reasons unknown to me, something changed for the worse. Now when I click on a button in the Downloads Bar instead of directly opening the PDF (or other file type) a dialog box appears in Windows, which has in the title bar "moz-extension://" followed by a string of hexadecimal characters, and in the body of the dialog box the downloaded file's name followed by a button labelled "Click here to run the file"

Is there a way to eliminate this separate dialog box and g o back to the downloaded file being opened DIRECTLY when the Downloads Bar button is double-clicked? Can I get back to the original behaviour, so that the extra dialog box step no longer appears every time?

This is an annoyance that irritates me every day. because I do lots and lots of downloading every week (often hundreds of files), therefore have to do a lot more locating the dialog box and clicking on a second button each time. I suspect that this might be an issue with Windows 10 (rather than with Waterfox or Firefox), however any help would be greatly appreciated.

Spasibo, Tony

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