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What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is an address book for the internet where the digital "home" address is shown for each site.
Each time you go to a webpage, the browser looks for its address in the DNS system. The faster the nearest DNS server to you works, the faster the site opens.

What is secure DNS?

The services of safe and secure DNS-servers provide the basic web protection and parental control that filters out and blocks unsafe, malicious and unwanted websites on the first border of the access to the Internet

How to use secure DNS in Fox Web Security?

  1. Open the settings and go to the tab "DNS-server", then click the icon "Add server"
  2. Enter the DNS-server name, IP-addresses and click "check & save"
  3. The program automatically checks the IP-address of the DNS-server and its functionality for protection against hazards of the Internet.
    If the DNS-server is secure, then the field "response" will be substituted with the appropriate values.

Known secure DNS

Free service to protect against advertising, pornography, viruses and fraudulent websites.
Security (without scam sites and viruses):,

Security + Anti-Pornography:,

Security + Anti-Advertising:,

Security + Anti-Pornography + Anti-Advertising:,

Free service provider that is expert in providing three types of online security including protection from adult content, protection form bots, and protection from dangerous websites.
Protection from virus and fraudulent content:,

Without adult content:,
The purpose of OpenDNS is to protect from malware, botnets, threats, viruses, phishing and targeted online attacks.
Family Shield:,
Norton ConnectSafe
Norton DNS or Norton ConnectSafe is a free platform that enables to secure network and IT system against unsafe and undesirable websites.
Security (malware, phishing sites and scam sites):,,

Security + Pornography:,,

Security + Pornography + Other:,,

Comodo DNS
Comodo Secure DNS helps users keep safe online with its malware domain filtering feature.
Security + Pornography:,
AdGuard DNS
Adguard DNS provides some DNS servers to protect privacy and block advertisements.Adguard DNS also provides servers for family protection by preventing access to sites with adult content.
Family protection:,

SkyDNS is a russian cloud DNS service that provide content filtering services. This service in free anonymous mode allows you to block phishing sites and malicious websites with malware, viruses and Trojans.
SafeDNS is a relatively new DNS service that concentrates on be able to block porn and a range of other unsavory websites such as violence, alcohol & smoking by default.
Security + Pornography:,

GreenTeam Internet
GreenTeam Internet automatically blocks malware and phishing sites, advertisements and adult-related content, including aggressive, violent and drug-related sites.
Security + Pornography:,

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