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  • Responsibility for use of cryptographic algorithms lies completely on the user, for example, in some countries prohibited by law to use the algorithm AES, so switch to use RC4 algorithm in the settings of this addon or even give up the use of add-on
  • Addon does not collect or send in other way any personal or any other data
  • All encryption and decryption is performed only on the client side (except for the encryption of web-sites)
  • Unencrypted personal data will not leave your computer
  • The author of this extension is not responsible in the event of theft or loss of your encryption keys
  • The author of this extension is not responsible for the contents of the encrypted data
  • The author of this extension has no way to decrypt the data without the user key
CryptoData is Free Software: please, if you like it, you can support its progress through PayPal.