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Find the most relevant information from the Web with a single request to different search engines and get the results on a single page


Screengrab! - Saves entire webpages as images.
Just right-click on the page you want to grab and look in the "Screengrab" menu!


CryptoData - Easily and quickly to encrypt / decrypt
Private messages via e-mail, blogs, social networks, forums, websites, images, etc


Download Manager (S3) - View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar
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Fox Web Security - Protection from adult content (parental control) and from dangerous sites.
Entrust protection for yourself and your children to professionals!


Current changes for Screengrab!:

  • version 2.16.
    fixed: toolbar icon context menu problem, when main context menu is disabled in settings
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.14.
    changed: Option: Save (+MHTML):
    Google Chrome painfully reacts to the file "*.mhtml"
    the extension of the saved file is changed to .mht

    updated: Korean locale (thanks VenusGirl)
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.13.
    added: Option: Save (+MHTML)
    MHTML is a standard format supported by most browsers. It encapsulates in a single file a page and all its resources (CSS files, images..).
    only for Google Chrome, currently MHTML is not supported in Firefox:

    added: Image format: WebP
    only for Google Chrome, currently WebP is not supported in Firefox:

    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.12.
    added: Settings: Hotkeys: close tab after the action is completed
    added: Settings: Show notification when copy image to Clipboard
    added: Settings: Hide hint about fast mode
    fixed: automatic cropping of the file name, when the file name is more than 255 characters
    updated: Korean locale (thanks VenusGirl)
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.11.
    updated: German locale (thanks Rotzbua)
    updated: Spanish locale (thanks Ramón Valdivia Mendoza)
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.9.
    updated: French locale (thanks Jack Black)
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.8.
    added: Settings-Save-Default dir
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.7.
    hotfix: Preview-mode
  • version 2.6.
    changed: now "Preview" and "Upload" tab always will open in next tab after current tab
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.5.
    added: "Complete Page (forced mode)" for capture the pages created with div layers,
    example: https://foxdns.pro/ , https://www.nab.com.au/ , http://mariemcdonald.ew.com/ , etc
    "forced mode" uses a complicated algorithm and in some cases, the browser may be temporarily slowed down

    added: Settings - "Capture page: always use only «forced option»"
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.4.
    restorted: option "Disable Upload"
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.3.
    fixed: minor bug fixes for screengrab Facebook
  • version 2.2.
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.1.
    First version for WebExtensions
    Full support for Firefox Desktop 55+, Firefox Android 55+, Google Chrome
  • version 0.99.12.
    updated: French locale (thanks Jack Black)
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 0.99.11.
    added:Migrating to WebExtensions: port your stored data
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 0.99.10c.
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 0.99.09c.
    deleted: 3-d party JavaScript-advertising has been deleted from add-on.
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 0.99.07c.
    added: Upload: https://snag.gy/
    fixed: Capture selections from Twitter media & gallery overlays
  • version 0.99.06c.
    fixed: multiprocessCompatible=false
  • version 0.99.05c.
    fixed: multiprocessCompatible
  • version 0.99.04c.
    fixed: Upload to pho.to and s3blog+pho.to
    added: small support for Advertisements - activated only with user agreement!
    The ads are added only to the http pages!
    for Enable/Disable: Screengrab : Settings : Advertisement
  • version 0.99.03c.
    updated: French locale (thanks Jack Black)
    fixed: minor bug fixes for "Image - Selection"
  • version 0.99.02c.
    added: Fast mode for "Selection"
    Temporarily: press and hold "Shift" or "Control" before the selection
    Always: enable in the settings: Image - Selection: Fast mode
  • version 0.99.01c.
    added: more features for a mode "Selection"
  • version 0.98.12c.
    added: Selection: automatic scrolling when the mouse to the edge of the screen
    added: Upload: https://lut.im/
    fixed: normal work for Firefox 48.0 (Nightly)
  • version 0.98.11c.
    fixed: Upload: Imgur
    updated: German locale (thanks Rotzbua)
    updated: French locale (thanks Jack Black)
    updated: Ukranian locale (thanks Dmytro Rohachov)
  • version 0.98.10c.
    added: Settings: Image name template: UserCode: {#DOMAIN!WWW#} - domain without 'WWW'
    fixed: save the image quality settings in the Ubuntu and MacOS
    added: Czech locale (thanks Petr Němec)
  • version 0.98.09c.
    fixed: https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/screengrab-fix-version/reviews/745100/
  • version 0.98.08c.
    added: BMP-image format
    updated: Japanese locale (thanks pulsmz)
    updated: French locale (thanks Jack Black)
    fixed: pop-up notifications
  • version 0.98.07c.
    added: Option: Actions: "Show button without an arrow"
    added: Brazilian Portuguese (thanks Alexandre Magno)
    added: Catalan locale (thanks BennyBeat)
    fixed: upload via http://share.pho.to/
  • version 0.98.06c.
    fixed: Selection exit bug
  • version 0.98.05c.
    added: support PaleMoon 25+
  • version 0.98.04c.
    fixed: save image for Firefox 36+
    added: support e10s for Firefox 36+
  • version 0.98.03c.
    added: Load/Copy/Save/Reset settings
  • version 0.98.02c.
    fixed: upload for Firefox 35+
    updated: Ukranian locale (thanks Sacredwheels)
    fixed: Screengrab! functionality restored for older versions of Firefox
  • version 0.98.01c.
    added: Settings-Actions: Hotkeys (default hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+1 == Save Full Page)
    changed: disable auto scroll to top when capture full page
    added: Settings-Save: Auto scroll to top of page during capture

    added: auto hide "Use Zoom" if web-page zoom is the normal
    added: Screengrab-menu a top menu bar/tools
  • version 0.97.26c.
    added: new template for Image/File name:
    {#TITLE#} - full title, {#TITLE10#},{#TITLE30#},{#TITLE50#},... - title will be cropped
    added: Upload Storage: http://www.imagebam.com
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 0.97.25c.
    added: SeaMonkey Support
    fixed: Screengrab Selection: normal work if present NoScript
    updated: Japanese locale (thanks pulsmz)
  • version 0.97.24c.
    fixed: button toolbar for Firefox Australis (Firefox 29)
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 0.97.23c.
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 0.97.22c.
    update: French locale
    added: new option in context-menu - use Zoom
  • version 0.97.21c.
    fixed: bug Screengrab in Selection mode for Firefox 30+
  • version 0.97.20c.
    fixed: bug Screengrab in Selection mode
    added: press "ESC" to exit in Selection mode
    added: new Options for Upload: Copy image link to clipboard
    added: new Options for Upload: Storage
    added: in Upload Storage added http://imgur.com
    added: French locale (thanks Michel Cadorette)
  • version 0.97.19c.
    fixed: make Screengrab with Zoom web-page
    added: new Option: Replacement illegal characters
  • version 0.97.18c.
    added: short description in Japanese (thanks pulsmz)
    added: scroll-event for screengrab-selection
    added: display of size of the selected area
    deleted: non-ascii simbols replace with "_" in text to image
    added: replaced spaces to "_" in filename
    fixed: integrated in DownloadManager for Firefox ver.26+
  • version 0.97.17c.
    small correction code
  • version 0.97.16c.
    added: for current version full translation to Japanese (thanks pulsmz)
  • version 0.97.15c.
    fixed: uploading (use new api in share.pho.to)
  • version 0.97.14c.
    changed: new options for generating the saved file-name and text-in-image (now uses user codes)
    changed: new default file-name with the string code by default: {#TITLE#} - {#YYYY#}-{#MM#}-{#DD#}_{#H#}.{#M#}.{#S#}
    added: new optional ability to integrate saved files into Firefox's Download Manager
    added: link into popup-notify (click for open dir)
    added: option "open dir" into popup-menu
    added: button "open dir" in notification-bar
    added: now preserves the last used directory for saved files by default
  • version 0.97.13c.
    added in option "Actions" - customize action on click to button:
    + clicking the right mouse button;
    + clicking the middle mouse button
  • version 0.97.12c.
    changed: fix to errors in translation to Traditional Chinese (thanks Dean Guan)
  • version 0.97.11c.
    added: full translation to Traditional Chinese (thanks Dean Guan)
    added: full translation to Japanese (thanks pulsmz)
  • version 0.97.10c.
    Added: option "Insert URL in image"
  • version 0.97.9c.
    fixed: save of large page - image automatically cropped to 32700 pixels on width or height if saved is very big page
  • version 0.97.8c.
    deleted: opening page "Thank you for installing…" in after First Installing
    deleted: opening page "Thank you for installing…" if your prefs.js is crashed
  • version 0.97.7c.
    added: full translation to Spain (thanks Carlos Villarrubia)
    added: full translation to Russian
    fixed: opening page "Thank you for installing Screengrab" everytime after start Firefox
  • version 0.97.6c.
    Added: full translation to Japanese (thanks pulsmz)
    Added: full translation to German (thanks Marcin Lisson)
    Fixed: unhides the add-on bar on every browser restart
    Changed: modified "Options -> Actions -> Show button / Disable button"
  • version 0.97.5c.
    Added: button on addon-bar (status-bar)
    Added: option "show button on addon-bar"
    Fixed: opening page "Thank you for installing Screengrab" everytime after start Firefox if is blocked yours prefs.js in multiprofile Firefox
    Changed: minimum Firefox - 4.0
  • version 0.97.4c.
    Added option notification in statusbar;
    Added option "Actions": customize action on click to button (click to icon or "arrow");
    Fixed code for Firefox 20.* (Private Browsing for Add-ons)
    Other minor changes
  • version 0.97.3c-2.
    Fixed: "Quickly save" on Linux and MacOS
    Fixed: extension file for "Save.." on Linux and MacOS
  • version 0.97.3c.
    Added option "Upload" -> "Disable Upload"
  • version 0.97.2c.
    1- Option to set jpg quality ;
    2- Option to default local save folder ;
    3- Option to quickly save (without overwrite existing file) ;
    4- Option to have save name only by the date-time ;
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